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General information

This space is to share with you online resources that will come in handy in the days to come.

We have tried our best to organize them in a manner that will help you find and select what you and your students would be most interested in. 

A few reminders that will help you:

*Make sure you contact your teacher through e-mail or any app that has been set up for a class such as Class Dojo, Bloomz or remind 101. Teachers will share their "office hours" with you so please reach out with any and all questions.

*Your student has access to many free resources that they use in school by visiting

All students 2nd-5th grade know their logins and can access these resources. Kindergarten and 1st graders may need help and have a sticker somewhere on their packet with a user name and password to access these resources for reading, math, and online books. 

*Make sure you are following us on Facebook as well as CCSD for all important updates. 

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