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JICHS Ceramics Win at Coastal Carolina Fair

JICHS entered 8 Ceramics pieces into the Craft competition at the fair, and all 8 won!! The list of winners is below. 
Will Olsen- 1ST PLACE (Bonsai pot)
Langden Way- 1ST PLACE (Set of 2 face mugs)
Kyle Jacobik- 1ST PLACE (Boat at sunset)
Martina Veronda- 2ND PLACE (Large butterfly pitcher)
Sydney Walker- HONORABLE MENTION (Large pastel coil pot)
Caroline Craigie- HONORABLE MENTION (Blue pitcher with lid)
Sadie Hoffmire- HONORABLE MENTION (Small gnome pot)
Emi Villas-Boas- HONORABLE MENTION (Small rainbow coil pot)