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Hybrid Attendance & Expectations - Effective Nov. 11

Hybrid Attendance & Expectations - Effective Nov. 11 - Q2 start

JICHS would like to provide clarity to our students and their families regarding Attendance policies. As we all navigate the hardships of the pandemic we are facing, it is our hope to remain flexible regarding student attendance while also ensuring student safety and accountability. Students are strongly encouraged to stay home should they not feel well.


Students must attend and be physically present on their in-person days; otherwise, they will be considered absent. Parents and guardians are welcome to email parent and doctors notes to  **If you wish to select remote learning, your guardian must contact your administrator and understand that the commitment must be through December 22nd. 

**If you select to remain remote and are not able to schedule or complete proctored assessments or other classroom activities that can not be done virtually, you may need to withdraw from the course. Please understand that all courses are not conducive to the virtual environment (ie. Culinary, Art, Game Design, etc.). 

Addendum to Policy

Students who are not feeling well are welcome and encouraged to work remotely until they are well again. Parent confirmation is necessary in order to work with families to ensure a safe return of their student when they are experiencing no symptoms. Student attendance will be marked as absent until an appropriate note is submitted to the attendance office. Parents and guardians must email parent and doctors notes to before 8:30am the day of the student absence. 

**Students may not email teachers regarding missing class.

All absences require a written explanation from the parent/guardian within three (5) school days of return from the absence. The written explanation of absences must include:

  • student's legal name

  • parent/guardian's full name

  • parent/guardian's signature

  • date(s) of absences, and documentation of the reason for absence(s)