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JICHS Advisory Lessons


Social media positive message challenge!
Check out this 3 minute video from Josten's. It contains a challenge. If you choose to accept tag it #JIStrong #RootedInLove
There are also some great questions to get a good conversation going... Mike's timeline statement is "repost" worthy.




So you're safe at home and socially distant from others. How have the conversations been at home and on social media? Do you just nod and smile, only use bitmoji's in texts, or give cave man grunts in response to questions? Then there are those who take a breath and can talk for 5 minutes straight without noticing that no one is listening. This time at home can be used to have deeper conversations with people around you. This week's video gets into that topic and offers suggestions on having meaningful conversations. Try it at home and let us know how it goes.

Video:  Click here to view the video about Meaningful Conversations

Critical Thinking Questions


I hope you all are continuing to do well and are finding ways to be socially distant while being emotionally connected. Here's a video that some of you may really identify with, it's about time management and stress. We hope this video helps you to think about how you are using your time and how to handle and even avoid stress. Use the questions on the pdf to get conversations started in your social circle and at home with your family. Stay safe JI! 

Video: Click here to view the video about Stress and Time Management

Critical Thinking Questions


rooted We hope that all of you are well during this season of change and social distancing. We know that some will keep moving and going with the flow with ease and there are some who may struggle with our current circumstances. So we are posting a video and conversation starters that relate to dealing with change in the midst of COVID-19. Use the questions to talk to one another via your usual digital means and best yet, talk it over with your family. The faculty and staff of JICHS are continually working to support our students, this is just one more way that we stay connected. Stay well JI!

During this difficult, confusing, and frightening time, Mike Smith, the host of The Harbor™ by Jostens, takes to the crate to acknowledge the challenges we are all facing during the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions. Mike issues a call to action for all of us, in this unprecedented time, to find ways to build community, take care of one another, and stay rooted in love.


Click the following link to view the video from Mike Smith:  Rooted in Love


Reflection Questions:  Rooted in Love Reflection Questions