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Principal Profiles - National Principals Month

Principals across the nation work hard to provide the best education and leadership possible, and this month CCSD will recognize four principals from across the district as we celebrate National Principals Month. National Principals Month is an opportunity to celebrate and honor our incredible school principals for their visionary leadership and tireless pursuit of success for each student.

October 2023 Principal Features

Maite Porter - C.E. Williams Middle School (North)

Dr. Amber Sainz - Julian Mitchell Elementary School

Dr. Robert Perrineau - Military Magnet Academy

Karen Felder - Jennie Moore Elementary School


October 2022 Principal Features

Monica Smalls - Chicora Elementary School

Dr. Shannon Cook - Charleston County School of the Arts


Janice Malone - Sanders-Clyde Elementary School


Chas Coker - Moultrie Middle School