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Unsung Educator of the Week

September 13, 2019 -  Caroline Stalvey, Wando High School

Unsung Educator "Caroline Stalvey is one of those young teachers who is wise beyond her years. She has a humble demeanor, yet she radiates confidence and dedication to her craft. Her knowledge of her content, her love for her profession, and her dedication to her students are evident in everything she does. 
Caroline is a leader in differentiation and personalized learning. She opens her classroom to other teachers to observe, and her lessons are models on how to meet students where they are. She seamlessly weaves instructional technology into her lessons so students can track their own progress, and she is a pioneer in using every resource she has to close the achievement gap. 
As she moves around her classroom or greets students in the hall, you can see by the look on their faces that they know they are valued by their teacher and are ready to work hard for her and with her." -- Nominated by fellow teacher

August 30, 2019 - North Charleston Community

Zucker Middle School Three of CCSD's schools were used as shelters for those who needed a place to wait out Hurricane Dorian.

The volunteers at Military Magnet Academy - MMA, R.B. Stall High School, and Jerry Zucker Middle School included both CCSD and non-CCSD personnel.

Individuals who put helping their community above helping themselves! Some of these groups included the American Red Cross of South Carolina, North Charleston Police Department and CCSD Nutrition Services.

Hurricane Dorian was the first time Jerry Zucker MS served as a storm shelter. Principal Perlmutter's team rose to the occasion and welcomed the challenge with enthusiasm and determination.

We want to thank all these individuals for their service to our community in not only North Charleston, but everywhere else in the Lowcountry!




August 23, 2019 - Theressa Varner, Laing Middle School

Therresa Varner "Ms. Varner is a 7th Grade Science teacher. She has been an educator for more than 15 years having previously taught at Morningside MS.
She pushes her fellow educators to share their knowledge by having an open-door policy and advocates for the #ObserveMe movement. As educators, we often close ourselves off from others in order to focus on content, but her approach is to collaborate and build competency within the group.
She is a curriculum writer for the science department and is always willing to share her knowledge and approach with fellow educators. She is family driven and involved with her church, but always has time to connect and share her resources with her teaching teams." --nominated by a Laing colleague


August 16, 2019 - Lori Holbrook, Mitchell Elementary

Holbrook Lori Holbrook is the science lab teacher at Mitchell Elementary. 

She has designed lessons for all grade levels that incorporate engineering and design as well as the scientific method.  You can often find her dressed up like Einstein, pulling on a lab coat, or elbow-deep in slime.  She oversees our touch tank and terrapin aquarium. 

In addition, Lori has her license to drive buses and will volunteer to drive our students on field trips in order to save money.  When she accompanies our students on outdoor field trips she doubles as the environmental guide. Whether it's marine life or earth science, Lori has a wealth of knowledge.  She also volunteers her time after-school and during the summer.  Recently she drove a group of our students to a camp in North Carolina in order to safe them travel money.  She is a dedicated and caring teacher and we are very fortunate she is at Mitchell.