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Unsung Educator of the Week

The "Unsung Educator of the Week" is a weekly honor given to a CCSD educator. The winner is nominated by a peer because of their determination to go above and beyond for our students. The winner for the week is published each Friday in the CCSD All Staff newsletter.

CCSD employees may submit nominees via this link or by emailing a name, description, and photo to

ARCHIVES: Unsung Educator 2019-2020

December 3, 2021

Erika Whitesides, Kindergarten
Springfield Elementary

Erika WhitesidesMs. Whitesides is new to our district this year. She has come into a new school, learned the new curriculum, and has run with it! Her positive energy radiates through the school. Watching her teach, you can see the passion that she has for ensuring all students succeed. She provides the right amount of rigor that her expectations stay high, while also meeting students where they are. Her children always seem happy as her classroom is such a welcoming place to be. She and her assistant are a dream team! We are so appreciative of Ms. Whitesides' hard work as she ensures her students are prepared for 1st grade!!

November 19, 2021

Michelle Saletan, Cafeteria Manager
Buist Academy

Michelle Saletan"Ms. Michelle is an amazing member of the Buist Academy Family. As the cafeteria manager, she takes an active role in not only the nutritional needs of our students but their educational experience, as well. The cafeteria always celebrates cultural heritage months with special feasts and lunches, they highlight the South Carolina harvests of the month with homemade delicious items that they share with students and staff, and they regularly participate in cross-curricular lessons with classroom teachers. In the past, the cafeteria has worked with multiple grade levels on lessons. Most recently, Ms. Michelle worked with 8th-grade students to help create their Barbadian-Charlestonian Potluck. She designed stations and worked with the students to enhance their learning in the classroom.

The cafeteria staff participates in all of the spirit days and students love their positive energy. Ms. Michelle and her staff are an irreplaceable part of our daily lives at Buist!"


November 12, 2021

Lindsay Beard, 7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher
Haut Gap Middle School

Lindsay Beard"Mrs. Beard does double duty by teaching two grades levels. She is a strong advocate for her students and works diligently to help all students excel at math. Her consistently cheerful personality makes her a favorite among students and staff.
Some of the efforts she has made over the years to engage students are data and donuts to review MAP scores, organizing math ambassadors that have 8th-grade students meet and tutor 7th graders, and routinely making math videos to help students understand concepts. Her dedication to pushing all students to succeed is unparalleled. Mrs. Beard is a tremendous asset to our school! "
-- nominated by a colleague


October 29, 2021

Gayla Moseley (Interventionist/Lead Teacher)
Buist Academy for Advanced Studies

Gayla Moseley"Over Ms. Moseley's career at Buist Academy, she has taught several different grade levels. Her final few years as a classroom teacher were in the 3rd grade. Ms. Mosely used data and had the drive to see all students achieve success. Her drive and passion for students led to a teacher leader role within the school. She has worked for almost three years as an interventionist. Her role and responsibilities far exceed her title and value to the school community.

Last year, COVID impacted the school's ability to facilitate connections and help build relationships among faculty, staff, and students. Ms. Moseley wanted to find a way to connect with many of our new students. She was informed that many students loved basketball and that she may want to join them at recess. Ms. Moseley took it a step further by creating a recess basketball league, The Buist Basketball Association (BBA). The BBA includes 7th and 8th-grade students. Students did not get to select their teams. This arrangement created an opportunity for students to work with and get to know new people.

October 22, 2021

Lauren King, Special Education
R.B. Stall High School

Lauren King"Ms. King has been helping the administration and other Special Education teachers at R.B. Stall HS to be sure the students are registered in the correct classes and that their schedules follow their IEP goals. Ms. King continuously shows leadership qualities by being a tremendous support for new and veteran teachers.

She mentors several teachers who are new to the district and goes the extra mile for everyone. She also supports students when they have difficulties. Our team is better thanks to her!"
--nominated by a colleague


October 15, 2021

Emily Willis, Greenhouse/Technology Teacher
James B. Edwards School of Global Leadership

Emily Willis"Mrs. Willis serves as the GreenTech teacher at JBE. She teaches dual curriculums to our 730 students in CD through 5th grade. In Technology, Mrs. Willis introduced our students to coding through developmentally appropriate robotics such as BeeBots, Ozobots, and Spheros. Mrs. Willis also teaches typing. She facilitates the horticulture curriculum to our students through the Lowcountry Sustainability Program and our school greenhouse.
Each school year, Mrs. Willis develops a "Green Theme" to guide our students through greenhouse objectives. This year's theme is based on the book A Pocket of Prairie by Phyllis Root.

Our students benefit tremendously from Mrs. Willis' dedication, enthusiasm, and sincerity. We don't know what we would do without her! --nominated by a colleague


October 8, 2021

Margaret Williams, Art Teacher
James Simons Montessori

Margaret Williams"Ms. Williams wears many hats at our school. First and foremost, she is our art teacher who creates engaging content for all grade levels PreK4-8th grade.

In addition to her primary role, Ms. Williams is also our middle school girls' volleyball coach. She devotes her time after school to support our middle school athletic program and acts as a mentor and guide to our adolescent girls. Going above and beyond her official titles, Ms. Williams is always willing the lend a helping hand. Whether she is creating art for our PBIS school initiative or our Accelerated Reader school initiative or any other needs that the students or teachers may have, Ms. Williams truly keeps the students at the heart of our work. Her presence has beautified our school in so many ways, and we are fortunate to have her here at James Simons." -- nominated by a colleague

October 1, 2021 

Katie Erickson, Instructional Coach
Angel Oak Elementary

Katie Erickson"When you just want to throw your hands up, Katie is there!

Katie Erickson is a wonderful example of being an integral part of the student's and teachers' success through Angel Oak's Integration programs.

Her positive attitude helps students and teachers navigate through difficult situations and she loves to celebrate successes as well.

Katie's work with the Art's Now Grant has been an easy task for her because she loves the connections, growth, and impact on our student's academic success."
-- nominated by a colleague


September 24, 2021

Katherine Gleaton, Reading Interventionist
Ladson Elementary

Katherine Gleaton"Mrs. Gleaton always shines with a positive attitude and her willingness to help others. She is a leader for the Ladson Intervention Team by keeping us on track and organized.
She absolutely loves teaching students to read, and it shows when you watch her instruction. It is evident that her love of reading is transferred to her students by the joy you see in their faces when they walk into her office.
Ladson is lucky to have someone with her knowledge, expertise, and passion!" -- nominated by a colleague



September 17, 2021

Julianna Ridenhour, 9th Grade teacher
Burke High School

Julianna Ridenhour"Ms. Ridenhour goes above and beyond in order to support students in her Earth Science classroom. She plans intentionally with her student's best interests in mind. She works with community partners and organizations in order to make sure her students see the real-world application of their work. Not only does she arrive early to work each day, but she also works with the volleyball team to develop our student-athletes into well-rounded young women within our school community.
She selflessly dedicates herself to her students and her passion for education is evident on a daily basis." --nominated by a colleague

September 10, 2021

Nik'Toshia Giles, Kindergarten Teacher
Meeting Street @ Burns

Nik'Toshia Giles"Ms. Giles exemplifies putting students at the heart of her work daily. She goes above and beyond for her kids by ensuring her learning environment is rigorous yet joyful. The students in her kindergarten class focus on reading and math as well as social-emotional skills. She grounds herself in her work by educating the whole child. Her class meditates daily and reflects on their actions and how their actions affect the class. She really puts all her time and energy into ensuring her students are ready not only for 1st grade but entering into our world as kind-hearted and caring people. " --nominated by a co-worker 

September 3, 2021 

Jana Robson, 2nd Grade
Laurel Hill Primary School

Jana RobsonThrough and through, Mrs. Robson embodies the district's motto; Students are the Heart of Our Work. Each day, with unparalleled dedication, encouragement, and kindness towards her students, she lives out her belief that all children can learn. Mrs. Robson also known as "the Canvas Queen" for second grade at Laurel Hill Primary, worked through her summer to make user-friendly Open Court lessons for the second-grade Canvas course. As a result, students who are quarantined now have access to professionally crafted phonics lessons. Both her students and co-workers agree that Mrs. Robson is a dedicated leader and teacher at the top of her game!