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McElroy recognized by Board of Trustees

Nurse of the Year

RELEASE DATE: May 21, 2024

Ellen Nitz, Charleston County School District’s Director of Nursing Services, recognized school nurse Julie McElroy Monday night at the May 20, 2024, Board of Trustees meeting. McElroy was awarded not only the South Carolina School Nurse of the Year but also the National School Nurse of the Year Award by the South Carolina Association of School Nurses!

“School nursing is a tough job,” said Nitz. “Seeing more than 50 kids a day and managing chronic health care conditions that can be life-threatening can be daunting, especially when you throw in an emergency or two. You have to be invested in your students, school, and community to have a real impact.”

According to Nitz, winning this award was not an easy task given that there are over 1500 school nurses in South Carolina alone. 

McElroy, the nurse at Murray-LaSaine Montessori School, has been a nurse for 19 years and the last 10 years have been dedicated to school nursing.

“Julie exemplifies the role of a school nurse,” added Nitz. “She not only cares for students with acute and chronic healthcare needs but also works diligently with her school to promote health and wellness.”

Additionally, McElroy holds the World's Record for the most wellness points ever earned with the Boeing MUSC Wellness Award, which Murray-LaSaine won last April. She models a healthy lifestyle and enjoys volunteering in her James Island community- whether it is writing health tips for the parent newsletter or helping with backpack buddies she encourages everyone to get involved. 

“Julie sets the bar high making sure she provides the best nursing care for all her students and staff,” Nitz added. “She does such a good job that we send many of our new nurses to train with her. We want them to learn from the best.”