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CCSD Leadership Announcement | April 29, 2024

RELEASE DATE:  April 29, 2024
Charleston County School District is proud to announce and welcome the following new leaders:
  • Dr. Luke Clamp, Deputy Superintendent
  • Toya Hampton, Staff Attorney


Dr. Luke Clamp

Dr. Luke ClampAfter an extensive interview process, Charleston County  School District (CCSD) is pleased to announce the selection of Lucas “Luke”  Clamp as Deputy Superintendent.  

Dr. Clamp was chosen by an initial interview team that consisted largely of external panelists. Candidates in the initial round of interviews completed a  writing sample, presented a blinded data presentation, and participated in a  question/answer period. Once a finalist, Dr. Clamp interviewed with the Superintendent of Schools and then with the Superintendent’s Cabinet.  

“Dr. Clamp is a data-driven, strategic educator whose efforts garner success for all students,” said Superintendent of Schools Anita Huggins. “A systems leader, he was selected as a result of his breadth of experience, proven leadership skills, and dedication to advancing educational outcomes for ALL  students. Dr. Clamp’s standout career has prepared him to join a CCSD team committed to putting students’ needs first.”

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Toya Hampton

Toya Hampton Charleston County School District (CCSD) is delighted to announce and welcome Toya Hampton as a staff attorney. Hampton is a former member of the CCSD Board of Trustees and has served as CCSD’s Director of Achieve Charleston since March 2023. 

Hampton came to Charleston from Seattle in 1995 by way of Americorps  National Civilian Community Corps (Americorps NCCC). Americorps NCCC, a domestic service program for 18–24-year-olds similar to the Peace Corps, hired her as a team leader after college and before she attended law school.  In addition to her time spent in Americorps, Hampton has been part of the Liberty Fellowship, a South Carolina statewide leadership and service network, since 2006. 

However, it’s Hampton’s service on the Charleston County School Board as a  Trustee from 2006 to 2012 that has garnered her significant attention. During her six years on the board, including serving as chair in 2009, Hampton dedicated her efforts to improving the public school system and lent her support to the construction of numerous new school buildings.

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