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CCSD receives support from Dabo’s All In Team Foundation

Dabo All in Foundation

RELEASE DATE: November 15, 2023

Dabo's All In Team Foundation recently awarded Charleston County School District (CCSD) a grant to support students during a family crisis. Camp Road Middle also received a grant for social-emotional resources for a book club and calming room.  

Representatives of over 200 organizations from across the state attended an award luncheon on November 8, 2023, at Clemson University. 

“We are grateful to Dabo Swinney and Dabo's All In Team Foundation for supporting our students so they are ready to learn,” said Rosa Fulmore, CCSD’s Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator. 

Since its inception in 2009, CCSD’s Children in Crisis program has been funded through the generous contributions of community members. The program's purpose is to fill the gap during a crisis (for example, a house fire or unexpected loss of work) until a family is connected with local social service organizations that provide ongoing support. Emergency assistance to families usually ranges from $250 - $500 per family. Approximately 50 families across Charleston County receive assistance per year. 

Erica Ciucci, a school counselor at Camp Road Middle School (CRMS) received a grant award for a project called "Camp Road Cares.”   

“We identified a cohort of students who are in need of additional support to build relationships, practice coping skills, and maintain focus,” said Cuicci. “This grant will help provide resources in our wellness room to include calming tools, books and supplies for small group sessions and book clubs.”

Ciucci added that the wellness room is available to all students at CRMS in small time intervals as needed, and this contribution will allow us to provide a better variety of calming tools to reduce stress and anxiety levels.  

Dabo’s All In Team Foundation offers community grants annually with a focus on education and health. This year, the foundation received 340 grant requests from organizations across South Carolina and was able to provide 277 small grants.