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MUSC Boeing Center and CCSD partnership improving the district’s wellness culture

What started as a programmatic health initiative at Burke High School 16 years ago, has turned into a district-wide wellness commitment within Charleston County School District (CCSD). 

The MUSC Boeing Center for Children's Wellness (BCCW) was developed as a partnership between MUSC and CCSD in 2007. The program was initially located at Burke and only reached a handful of schools. 

The MUSC BCCW in partnership with CCSD celebrated 49 schools and their wellness efforts last month. The first-place winner was Murray LaSaine Montessori. The second and third-place winners were James Island Elementary and CE Williams Middle School North Campus respectively. Rookie School of the Year was Stono Park Elementary. The top-scoring high school was West Ashley Center for Advanced Studies and the top-scoring middle school was CE Williams North Middle.

Since 2010, the MUSC BCCW has supported schools in creating healthy learning environments through participation in the school-based Wellness Initiative. The Initiative works with schools to create a culture of wellness by providing direct support and motivation for K-12 schools and districts as they implement evidence-based policy, system, and environmental strategies targeting improved nutrition, increased physical activity, and enhanced social-emotional wellness for both students and staff. 

Participating schools that meet the minimum requirements receive a wellness award that can be used to help grow and sustain their wellness initiatives. In total, $31,450 was awarded to CCSD schools for the 2022-2023 school year. The first-place winner, Murray LaSaine Montessori earned $2,000.

CCSD’s Instructional Specialist for Health and PE, Holly Kut explained that once everyone at the school is on board to start making those changes, the students begin to see that they should care about their health as well.

“If we can change it within the school system then we can take these initiatives home, and it becomes a community involvement. The health index focuses on the whole person and is referred to as a health triangle,” said Kut. “The physical, social, and mental health of each individual is important because when one goes up, the others do too.”

“With support from our community and the work of our partnering schools, we are achieving our vision, a South Carolina where all children are healthy, succeed in school, and thrive in life,” said Dr. Janice Key, MUSC BCCW Founder, and Director.

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