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Laing hosts afterschool STEM Club

Boeing Laing

RELEASE DATE: May 30, 2023

Laing Middle School students attended the year-end awards ceremony for the afterschool STEM Club, which featured Boeing’s DreamLearners programming. The club hosted 25 sixth-grade students over the course of 16 sessions, sponsored by science teacher Dr. Leea Power. 

Frank Hatten, Boeing Education Relations Specialist, and a team of volunteers from Boeing helped lead the students on various STEM-related projects. Boeing team members included Giumaa Milad, Carol Colshan, Caitlin E Reidel, and Bretton B Tabler.

According to Mr. Hatten, the Laing Stem Club was the club first hosted in Charleston County School District (CCSD) in partnership with Boeing. Others have spun off this initiative from the Liberty Hill STEM Initiative and a club at Sanders-Clyde Elementary School.

“The first year of Laing's STEM club was a huge success,” said Power. “Laing partnered with Boeing South Carolina, and we were able to take part in their DreamLearners program. We enjoyed a classroom of students filled with bright minds and strong voices. The students worked together to complete the challenges. Boeing teammates, who volunteered their time and talents, guided them through these challenges. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership next year.” 

Principal Jay Whitehair is appreciative of the effort that went into facilitating the club.

“I would like to thank Ms. Power, Mr. Hatten, and the Boeing team for providing this amazing opportunity for our students,” said Whitehair. “The skills taught in our STEM club are so valuable to the long-term success of our students.”