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CCSD honors Rookie Teachers of the Year

Rookie Teacher of the Year

RELEASE DATE: May 22, 2023

Charleston County School District (CCSD) honored four first-year teachers on Friday, May 19, 2023, by surprising them with Rookie Teacher of the Year awards.

Erin Jones (Jerry Zucker Middle School), Vincent Muleka (Septima Clark Academy), Sarah Vicary (Edith L. Frierson Elementary School), and Amelia Williams (Sanders-Clyde Elementary School) were all honored with a surprise visit from Superintendent Donald Kennedy and district staff.

The CCSD 2023 Rookie Teachers of the Year represent the top first-year teachers at the early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school levels. Each teacher was nominated by their principal for embracing the district’s vision for teachers who truly exemplify the best in their school. 

After being selected by the schools, the rookies wrote essays in which they described the ways that they meet the needs of their students and their families. These applications were rated by a team of veteran educators who had the difficult job of finding the top Rookie Teachers of the Year.

“To be recognized as an outstanding first-year teacher is quite an honor,” said Terri Nichols, Interim Executive Associate Superintendent for Literacy and Leadership. “These wonderful ‘rookie’ teachers are an asset to our district and to the teaching profession."

This year CCSD recognized 46 Rookie Teachers of the Year. 

"In our work in the Induction and Mentoring Program, it is always gratifying to see beginning teachers grow into outstanding educators and leaders,” said Shannon Krisak, Interim Director of Evaluation and Mentoring. “I could not be more proud to honor the four recipients of the Rookie Teacher of the Year award. Beginning teachers are navigating so many challenges and it is a privilege to be able to recognize their success. We look forward to the continuous impact that they will make throughout the district as they grow in the profession."