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SOA sophomore wins poetry contest

Arcadia Reynolds

RELEASE DATE: May 14, 2023

Charleston County School of the Arts (SOA) sophomore  Acadia Reynolds, won first place in the Medical University of South Carolina’s 5th  Annual Septima P. Clark Poetry Contest. This competition honors acclaimed  Charleston native, teacher, and "Grandmother of the Civil Rights Movement"  Septima P. Clark for her dedication to service, education, and equality. As a  recipient of the 1979 Living Legacy Award from President Jimmy Carter and of  South Carolina’s Order of the Palmetto, she was known for developing literacy and citizenship workshops to promote equality. 

“School of the Arts is thrilled to celebrate this award with Acadia,” said Principal  Dr. Shannon Cook. “I have long admired Septima Clark's accomplishments and groundbreaking activism and am pleased that one of our gifted writers is being honored for her poetry and perspective of this incredible educator. We are  additionally proud of the work Patrick Martin does with his students-challenging  them to learn about those who have left a legacy and to emulate their  achievements.” 

The theme for this year’s statewide contest was "Unity in the Community: A World  United." Acadia, a Creative Writing major, read her poem at the awards ceremony  and won a computer. 

“The theme of the contest was unity and connections,” said Reynolds. “I'm excited to have won for my poem honoring holocaust survivor Jadzia Stern, who spoke about the importance of building connections and empathy with a diverse community of people. Like Septima P. Clark, Jadzia Stern was a resilient, hopeful  woman that people looked up to.” 

AP Language and Composition teacher Patrick Martin said he was proud of her work. 

“I am so grateful for Acadia using her writing gifts to amplify the legacy of others,”  added Martin. “Her passion for her craft does justice to the sometimes overlooked  voices of the past.” 

For more information, contact Dr. Shannon Cook at (843) 529-4990.