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North Charleston Elementary celebrated Better World Day

Better Wor

RELEASE DATE: May 15, 2023

North Charleston Elementary School (NCES) was one of many schools across the district to celebrate EL Better World Day on Friday, May 5, 2023. At NCES students in kindergarten and third grade celebrated in the library by presenting the videos, stories, and projects they have been working on. This year’s challenge was for schools to see what kind of impact students and staff can have on the world they live in. 

Throughout the year students have been working on a larger project. Students participated in a Story Walk where they visited the community, learned about different types of businesses, and discovered the tools businesses use to be successful.  

“We kicked off this project by collaborating with our reading partners at North Charleston High School to walk the neighborhood and invite local businesses to participate,” explained Ryan Stone, NCES Lead Teacher. “Our intent is to continue to build these partnerships within our community and create ways for our students to have a positive impact on our world.”

Stone explained how the EL curriculum studies tools used to reach an outcome of success. The local businesses that students stopped into shared the tools they use so students could gain an understanding of how certain businesses operate.

“Our North Charleston High School mentors have really made a connection with our students and I think this project has helped everyone involved find their voice,” added Stone.

EL Better World Day is designed to show students that there is no limit to the difference that a group of dedicated, determined students can make in the world around them when given the tools and opportunities to become active contributors to a better world.