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Charles Pinckney Elementary wins 13th chess state championship

Pinckney Chess ChampionsCharles Pinckney Elementary School’s chess team continues to add to its legacy in chess. The Pirates won another state title at the  South Carolina State Scholastic Championship in Greenville, SC, this past weekend in the K-5 (Kindergarten through fifth grade) division. The third-grade team was not far behind, with a second-place trophy in the K-3 division.  

This is the third year in a row the Pirates won the K-5 state title, and the school  now has 13 championships combined in this state-wide chess tournament. 

A total of 250 students in four divisions, K-3, K-5, K-8, and K-12, participated in  the event sponsored by the Greenville Chess Club on March 4, 2023. 

Aaron Wang led Pinckney with four wins and a draw to earn a three-way tie for first place overall. He finished third in the state after computer tiebreaks. Nico  Stamos led the third-grade team with four wins and one loss, tying for second overall in the state and finishing fourth on tiebreaks. In the third-grade division,  Theodore Constantino tied for 10th place with three wins, finishing 17th in the state after tiebreaks.  

Stuart Chagrin coaches the Pinckney chess team; he serves on the United States  Chess Trust Board and is the former President of the Marshall Chess Club. 

“I am so proud of the performance by all of the students,” said Chagrin. “For many of them, this was their first chess tournament ever. They exceeded all of my  expectations.”  

The Pinckney team is organized by Gifted and Talented teacher E.C. Setser; she  has been involved with this group since 2010. 

“It was inspiring to watch kids fiercely compete at the boards, shake hands, and become great friends,” added Setser. “They were playing basketball between  rounds or hanging out with new friends brought together by this amazing game.” 

Pinckney now has nine titles in the K-5 Division and four championships at the K-3  level, all since 2010. 

Other team members include Liam Blonshine, Ramy Borey, Silas Dewey, Declan  Flannery, Katie George, Garrett Hamm, Graeme Kearney, Parker Leong, Finley  Martin, Tanner Patterson, Owen Patterson, Carter Piazza, Barrett Thoren, Amelia  Wallace, Claire Wang. 

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