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Lucy Beckham Day

In honor of Lucy Beckham Day, celebrated December 14, 2022, administrators at Lucy Beckham High School (LBHS) wanted to highlight an award given annually to a teacher that exemplifies the spirit and heart of Lucy Beckham, former Wando High School principal.  

Beckham was a math teacher at Stratford High School before becoming an administrator.  She had a trusty wooden podium and upon her departure from the classroom, she gifted the podium to a colleague, Karen Radcliff. In 2018, Anna Dassing was visiting Ashley Ridge High School where Radcliff was the principal.  

Radcliff gifted the podium to Dassing and she used it often as she worked with contractors, district officials, and fellow administrators while the school was being built.  Dassing brought the podium to LBHS and in the Spring of 2020, started the Lucy Beckham Leadership Legacy Award.  The award was first given to Kristen Manna for her extraordinary commitment to opening Beckham.  

In the Spring of 2022, Manna passed it along to Megan Maritich who proudly displays and uses the podium in her classroom.

"Megan is beyond deserving of the Lucy Beckham Leadership Legacy Award,” said Manna. “She not only sees the best in everyone around her, but she brings out the best in everyone around her. She consistently looks to serve and help others as she leads by example and lifts up her colleagues and students. Megan's own standard for herself is far above and beyond any and all expectations. She sacrificially gives of her time and her talents. It is truly a joy to work alongside Megan and her passion for teaching students, not only math, but life."  

According to Dassing, Megan truly exemplifies the Leadership Legacy as she leads the math department and has finished her school leadership certification.  

“We are honored to have her loving and leading our students and staff,” Dassing honored.