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Office of Expanded Learning receives $25,000 from Denny and Mark’s Pro-Am Jam

The Office of Expanded Learning (Kaleidoscope) was selected as the recipient of funds raised through the Mark Bryan and Denny Hamlin 10th Anniversary Pro-Am Jam’s “Call to Give” Annual Event.  More specifically, the Stono Park Elementary Kaleidoscope Program and the Baptist Middle/High School Band are the designated recipients of $25,000.  The funding will be used to provide students in these two programs with the opportunity to participate in enriching opportunities through music.

The Baptist Hill Band, led by director Mr. Sutphin, was selected by the Office of Expanded Learning to be the opening act for Nelly at the Pro-Am Jam.   Students were able to witness first-hand the opportunities and exposure that music can provide.  These students not only were the opening act for Nelly but also were able to interact with Mark Bryan, Smokey Robinson and other well-known celebrities.

Ashley Peters, Program Officer with the Office of Expanded Learning, says:

These funds will allow us to provide a variety of musical enrichment opportunities to the students in our programs.  Studies have shown students who participate in music perform better academically, and the more they study music, the better they perform academically.  Ultimately, we want to provide as much exposure to the world of music and all the opportunities it can provide, and we're so grateful for the support of Mark and Denny in providing these opportunities for our students.

From Shelia Grier, Program Officer with the Office of Expanded Learning:

The Office of Expanded Learning (Kaleidoscope) is so excited and honored to be identified as the recipient of this year’s “Call to Give” event. The funding allowed us to identify and offer music to students who attend Stono Park Kaleidoscope after-school program and to support resources for Baptist Hill Middle High Band Program. The Charleston County School District Office of Expanded Learning has been blessed for over ten years to have a long-standing partnership with Mark Bryan’s foundation (Mark & Denny Pro-Am-Jam) and the Hootie & the Blowfish Homegrown Event.  We look forward to continuing this partnership and offering more music opportunities to additional Kaleidoscope after-school and summer programs.

Jason Sakran, Director of the Expanded learning Program stated that:

We hope this is just the beginning of a long, fruitful partnership between Mark Bryan and Denny Hamlin and we couldn’t thank them enough for their support. Our students and families will directly benefit from their generosity.