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District completes capital improvements for 2022-2023 school year


Charleston County School District (CCSD) is committed to  maintaining the public’s trust by being proactive in maintaining the educational facilities they own.  

“The purpose of CCSD Facilities Management (FM) is to provide safe, healthy, comfortable and pleasant facilities that work all the time and that  enhance learning,” said Steve Hamer, Interim Associate of Facilities  Management. “It’s our goal to use all the resources at our disposal to ensure  that happens.” 

FM provides a host of facilities services including planning, managing  construction projects, maintenance and repair operations, grounds  maintenance, pest control, pickup and delivery services, custodial support, playground maintenance. FM also provides key facilities support to other  Operations departments with Security, Transportation, Information  Technology, Nursing Services and Nutrition Services 

Projects are prioritized by request, need, available funding and board  direction from the CCSD Board of Trustees, Hamer explained. 

“Preventive maintenance is key part of our effort,” added Hamer. “Having a  team of experts in the field, constantly inspecting, testing and repairing is  critical to effective facility maintenance. Although we have good processes  and capability for emergency corrective repairs, it’s best to make sure a  corrective repair is never needed.” 

While schools were out, FM was extremely busy with a host of projects, repairs, and maintenance activities. The Facilities Management Department  completed over 450 projects of various sizes in the last fiscal year, ranging in cost from hundreds of dollars to several million dollars each. 

Highlights from this summer include:  

Stoney Field∙ Final phase to replace the HVAC system at North Charleston High School 

∙ New chillers at Academic Magnet High School/Charleston County School of  the Arts (Bonds Wilson campus)  

∙ New modular classroom units at R.B. Stall High School 

∙ New exterior doors and hardware at Belle Hall Elementary School

∙ New LED scoreboards at St. Johns, Baptist Hill and R.B. Stall High Schools

∙ Washer and dryer installations (Whirlpool Cares)  

∙ Weight room expansion at Academic Magnet High School and West Ashley  High School 

∙ Renovation of West Ashley High School Culinary Arts space 

∙ Final phase of restroom renovations at Minnie Hughes Elementary School 

∙ Modular classroom relocation to Stiles Point Elementary School

∙ New playgrounds at Julian Mitchell Elementary School and A.C. Corcoran  Elementary School 

∙ Flooring projects at Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School, Burke High School, Mt. Zion Elementary School, North Charleston Elementary  School, Thomas C. Cario Middle School, Wando High School, Baptist Hill Middle High School 

∙ Completed nearly 600 pick-ups and deliveries of furniture and equipment

∙ Summer clean-up of nearly 10 million square feet of buildings

∙ Completed 5000 service calls by shops personnel