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R.B. Stall presents special artwork to animal society


Stall Art StudentsR.B. Stall High School art students from the 2021-2022  school year donated their works to the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) where it is now prominently featured at the entrance of the Post and Courier  Foundation Education Room. 

Assistant Principal Claudia Newbern helped facilitate the donation of the colorful mural depicting a dog and cat. 

“When CEO Joe Elmore came to pick it up, he said, ‘I want to bring the people from the shelter back to see all of this artwork here at Stall’, Newburn explained. “I want them to see what you guys have done,” Newburn explained. 

A week later, a team of 15 representatives from the shelter came to see the artwork and were amazed at the talent. 

The mural is made of tiles and is titled “Making Happy Homes.” It magically ties together the animals in the painting with a historic Charleston single house and the Arthur Ravenel Bridge to bring out a true sense of community. 

Art Teacher Tracy Partridge said working with the students on the mural was a  bonding experience.  

“It was therapeutic for us, and we all love animals,” said Partidge. “If we haven’t connected on one level, we end up talking about their dogs at home or what pets they do have at home. Especially at a time like this, it’s nice to talk  about something that’s so personal, but brings so much love into our lives.” 

Sculpture Instructor Raymond Hampton agreed with Partridge that working on the artwork was a nice break from the difficulties of the pandemic, the economy,  and other social issues. A mutual love of animals was one way to have a positive impact on society, according to Hampton. 

The mural was just one of the hundreds of pieces of art completed as part of an end-of-year art show at Stall. The artwork included paintings, glasswork,  sculpture, and other art of all shapes, sizes, and mediums.  

“These students have this raw talent in them that they don’t realize,” said  Hampton. “I think our teachers bring that out. When we have an opportunity to  grab somebody from the community and say, ‘Hey, look what we do!’ They  respond as the Charleston Animal Society did, that is just so cool.” 

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