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U.S. Department of Energy recognizes CCSD

Charleston County School District (CCSD) was recently recognized for excellence in Facilities Management by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE). CCSD received four “Best in Class” awards through the Efficient and Healthy Schools Campaign, a program of the USDOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. 

Eight school districts were honored through this program, but CCSD was the only one to receive “Best in Class” in all four of the following categories:

  • HVAC Inspection and Maintenance for Indoor Air Quality
  • Efficient HVAC for Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Analytics for HVAC Performance
  • Team Approach to Support Strategic Investments in Efficient and Healthy Schools.

“This is more proof that we have delivered the best possible building conditions to our children and faculty to power the district safely through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond,” explained Jeff Borowy, CCSD’s Chief Operating Officer.

These awards recognize K-12 schools and school districts nationwide that have implemented exemplary solutions for heating, air-conditioning, ventilation (HVAC), and other approaches that reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, and enhance indoor air quality. 

"We are committed to the health and safety of all our students, faculty, staff, and visitors who occupy our schools and facilities,” said Ron Kramps, CCSD’s Associate of Facilities Management. “While we have always focused on energy efficiency and indoor air quality, COVID brought these initiatives front and center. We are honored to be recognized for our dedication to the CCSD family’s wellbeing.”

“The ‘Best in Class’ recognition in all four categories of this highly competitive national program can be directly attributed to the vision, determination, and expertise of the Facilities Management Department and our contract partners,” added Borowy. “We would not have earned this honor without the support from our Board of Trustees, district leadership, and the taxpayers who passed the last two capital sales tax extensions.” 

CCSD works in close coordination with Whole Building Systems, LLC (a Charleston-based company) to implement these more energy-efficient and enhanced air quality solutions. Whole Building Systems (WBS) has provided CCSD with design and commissioning services for HVAC replacement projects. WBS’ design for the new HVAC system at St. John’s High School resulted in significant cost savings. 

“We have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with CCSD and are proud of their ongoing commitment to reducing energy costs and consumption while providing safe and healthy spaces,” said Dennis Knight, Founder and Principal of WBS. “We are delighted to see them awarded for their hard work.” \

For more information, please contact the Division of Strategy and Communications at (843) 937-6303.