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CCSD celebrates National Family Engagement Month

Family EngagementNovember is National Family Engagement Month, and Charleston County School District (CCSD) is committed to promoting family engagement year-round. Through the Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE), the district expanded family outreach and support.

Over 40 years of research indicates students achieve at higher levels when schools and families support each other. Research also shows that when schools and families are engaged in meaningful two-way communication and collaboration, students have:

  •  More positive attitudes toward school
  •  Higher grades and test scores, which equals higher achievement
  •  Better attendance
  •  More homework completed
  •  Higher graduation rates
  •  Greater enrollment in post-secondary education

"This month and always, CCSD is grateful to parents and caregivers for the important role they play in their children's education," said Dennis Muhummad, Director of FACE. "November serves not only as a celebration of family engagement but also a reminder of the difference you make in your child's learning."

CCSD’s Division of Strategy and Communication reached out to schools to determine what their families believe engagement means to them. Parents and guardians weighed in to explain why school and family partnerships are beneficial.

“It has positively impacted our family in several ways,” said one mother of a Springfield Elementary School student. “It helps us, as parents, lead by example showing our children how to interact with their school family. As a teacher myself, parent involvement, supporting the schools, teachers, and staff have proven to help students be responsible and respectful.”

ZuckerA parent from C.E. Williams Middle School (North) said that family engagement is crucial because it helps to reinforce the school's mission. 

“I believe that our family has been positively impacted by having the opportunity to discuss things that are happening at school academically and socially,” she explained.

Engagement takes place in many forms. From events at school, on the weekends, and activities at home. The activities are meant to be fun and to make the most of those teachable moments. 

For example, one mother from North Charleston Elementary School said that based on the activities she does with her children, she would encourage other families to create a time to cook together and eat. 

“Many families do not have flexible schedules due to work and school,” the mother said. “This prohibits many families from sitting down to eat a meal together. My family tries to meet once a month to have a big family dinner.”

“When a student feels supported by both their family unit and learning system, they begin to gain confidence in themselves,” another parent from C.E. Williams Middle School (North) added. “This helps increase the students' interest in learning more about a topic when they know that they are supported to ask questions at home and school.”

For more information, contact the Division of Strategy and Communication at (843) 937-6303.