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CCSD celebrates Day of the Child/Day of the Book April 30

Charleston County School District (CCSD) will unveil a literacy webpage Friday, April 30, 2021, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Día in CCSD this year.

Día is the Day of the Child/Day of the Book and is sponsored by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), part of the American Library Association. It emphasizes the importance of literacy for children of all linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

The website will be accessible to all CCSD students and feature 24 stories in 24 hours for students to enjoy. These are stories from all over the world and will be read by CCSD teachers, families, and students

in multiple languages. Seventy different languages are spoken among students and staff across the district.

This is a collaboration between the ESOL (English as a Second Language), World Languages, and Library/Media Services departments in the district.

"Research shows that exposure to a different language at an early age

increases a child's ability to learn languages later in life,” said Katey Hines- McCormack, Professional Development Coordinator/Instructional Specialist for World Languages. “My hope in participating in Día is that these young students recognize the richness of other languages and cultures, which will lead to their acceptance and celebration of those who are different from them. In turn, this acceptance will encourage them to study a language or two in their career as a CCSD student."

CCSD has had an increased focus on diversity and inclusion. This new website celebrates children and diverse languages and literacy across the district.

“The idea is so that students who speak those languages see a reflection of themselves on the website and everyone will see the diversity across the district,” said Christy James, Library Media Services Coordinator and District Textbook Coordinator. “We’re hoping for this to be an annual event and build momentum. This year is the first time we’ve ever tried anything like this. It is exciting.”

Using analytics, organizers will be able to gauge the success of the effort and engage stakeholders to see what they would like to see in the future.

Chris Hagy, ESOL Coordinator, was thrilled they were able to build this website among three different departments to celebrate the diversity of CCSD.

“We hope that the students see themselves in the stories or have a deeper understanding of how diverse the Charleston County population is,” said Hagy.

“We seek that they will embrace that and enjoy the beauty that is children’s books. This is another fantastic opportunity for the district to celebrate diversity and literacy together. This is a chance for students to hopefully see many windows and mirrors with these languages and stories from our community.”

Día is a nationally recognized initiative that emphasizes the importance of literacy for all children from all backgrounds. It is a daily commitment to linking children and their families to diverse books, languages, and cultures. The common goals of all Día programming are to:

  • Celebrate children and connect them to the world of learning through books, stories, and libraries.
  • Nurture cognitive, and literacy development in ways that honor and embrace a child’s home language and culture.
  • Introduce families to community resources that provide opportunities for learning through multiple literacies.
  • Recognize and respect the culture, heritage, and language as powerful tools for strengthening families and communities.

Learn more about Día by visiting the ALSC website: