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RB Stall recognized by SCDOE for Computer Science

The College Board released its AP Program Results: Class of 2019 report detailing the participation and performance of U.S. public high school graduates in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, including RB Stall High School which was honored as one of 12 South Carolina schools with the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award.


This award recognizes schools across the nation that have closed the gender gap and engaged more female students in computer science coursework.


South Carolina’s Class of 2019 saw growth in all three major areas of AP participation and performance including outpacing the nation on eight of the top ten most popular Advanced Placement tested subjects.


RB Stall was recognized by the South Carolina Department of Education for Computer Science. Computer science is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world, and more South Carolina students than ever before are benefiting from AP computer science courses.


“I am proud our school is a leader in female participation in AP Computer Science,” said Principal Jeremy Carrick. “I am glad that our students are receiving preparation in this rapidly growing field and I hope we prepare many of our students to enter the workforce as computer scientists.”


In South Carolina, 1,003 students took the AP Computer Science Principles exam in May 2019 (⬆️ from 630 in 2018). This was in addition to 345 students taking Computer Science Principles A. More than 69.4 percent of students scored 3+ (⬆️ from 67.6 percent) on these exams.


”We have been fortunate to have a female instructor, Christy Spence, in our AP computer science class,” said Carrick. “Her leadership breaks down some of the barriers for females participating in AP Computer Science.”  



"South Carolina students' continued success on Advanced Placement is testament to the dedication of our AP teachers to deliver rigorous instruction and school counselors who identify student potential for success," said State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman. "Our state policies, funding, and support have made us a national leader in Advanced Placement and I know that by continuing to be innovative we will expand on our success."


For more about R.B. Stall’s honor, contact Principal Jeremy Carrick at (843) 764-2200.