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Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The 6th grade is offering an opportunity to raise funds for your child’s 6th-grade field trips this Spring. Students will sell Cookie Dough. Money should be collected upfront for the cookie dough.


If your child has a large order, parents will need to plan to come to the school to collect the dough orders when they are delivered to the school. Delivery will be the week of Nov 18.


For each cookie dough, your child sells $6 will come off the cost of your child’s trip. The more your child sells the more money that is taken off the total cost of their Medieval Times, Stingrays Game, or Serpentarium field trips.


Students who do not intend to attend a field trip can still sell cookie dough. That money goes into a scholarship fund for students that need financial assistance paying for the trips.


Your child does not need to sell cookie dough in order to attend the field trip. This is just an extra opportunity to help lower the cost if needed.


All orders are due by October 25. We will not accept orders after this date. Checks need to be made to CE Williams.


Orders can be placed online, however, all orders will be delivered here. The company will not ship them to a different location.


Thank you so much for taking part in this opportunity. If there are any questions please contact Ms. Holstein at