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7th grade Encore Choice

Parents, on Friday, May 13th, Counselors from CE Williams South will be on our campus to help students with their encore course selections. To expedite this process, we have placed a link to the courses and their descriptions on our website. Please review these descriptions before Wednesday May 4th so students may quickly make their selections. Students will choose 4 encore classes and two alternates. 

Encore Course Descriptions

7th Grade Encore Courses

Introduction to Spanish 

This 7th grade course will follow various units and content based on new vocabulary words, but will act as an introduction to the Spanish language and culture. Students will begin learning the ways in which Spanish is used throughout the world and our country through  reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 7th grade students will have the opportunity to begin developing a knowledge of Spanish-speaking countries including the geographical locations and the cultures specific to each one.

Art 7

This art course is designed for all students to step into their roles as creative artists. In this class, students will learn about a variety of artists new and old, while cultivating their own skills in mediums ranging from pencil, oil pastel, clay, paint, and beyond. Students will gain a more in-depth understanding of the art around them as they begin to learn and apply the Elements and Principles of Art within their work and the work we will analyze. As students expand their skills, they will learn how to critique their own work to challenge themselves for the future.

Health/PE 7

The CEWS PE/Health curriculum is composed of well-designed lessons that are aligned to the South Carolina PE and Health standards.  The program of instruction is designed to build skills K-12 and ensure that motor skills,physical activity, and fitness assessments are age and developmentally appropriate and that the required

comprehensive health components are incorporated as required by the South Carolina Comprehensive Health Act.

Creative Writing 7

Creative Writing is a semester long course that explores different genres of writing. The goal of this course is to help students find their writer’s voice. This course will help you understand that Creative Writing is not just about putting words on paper, it is about knowing which words to choose and how to use them. To write well sometimes you need inspiration from others, we will dive into what other writers have created. We will use their words to inspire us.This course will give you the opportunity to express yourself in a stress-free environment while developing original pieces and ideas. Possible topics covered are poetry, family storytelling, fractured fairy tales, memoirs, autobiographies, and short stories. 

PLTW Computer Science for Innovators and Makers 7

Throughout the unit, students will learn about programming for the physical world by blending hardware design and software development, allowing students to discover computer science concepts and skills by creating personally relevant, tangible, and shareable projects.


Google Basics 

In Google Basics we use all of the Google applications to create fun and useful projects. In many assignments, you get to choose what you want the topic to be about. Google Applied Digital Skills will help you through the process of creating a professional project by using a series of videos and templates. This means that learners who complete a lesson leave with a useful project, such as a resume, a college planning sheet, website, or a budget. Some of the Google apps we use: Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Sides, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Forms, and Google Earth.

7th Grade Concert Band  

The Concert Band is composed of all eligible 7th grade band students. Students in this ensemble have at least one year on their instrument and successfully showcase all mastered skills and fundamentals learned in Beginning Band. Learn the fundamentals of your instrument to perform as a band using elements of music such as style, dynamics, tempo, timbre, balance and blend, and articulation. Learn to work together as a collaborative ensemble to achieve both individual and group success..Students are eligible to audition for the District 4 Honor Band and the South Carolina All-State Band, if selected for a call-back audition. Advanced students are eligible to audition to join the Symphonic Band for the South Carolina Concert Festival performance each spring. 

7th grade Beginning Orchestra

Students will work on orchestral literature designed for players with no prior experience. We will learn how to play the violin, the viola, the cello, or the bass. There will be one concert afterschool in the spring and one concert during lunch in December.

7th Grade Concert Orchestra

Students will work on orchestral literature designed for players with at least one year of experience. Prior experience is required. There will be after school/outside of school requirements (concerts/region orchestra/field trips if available).


7th Grade Chorus

Combined Chorus is for students who wish to perform as part of the

Wolverine Chorus groups. The Combined Chorus will perform several times throughout the school year as a group:

Holiday Concert in December*

Solo/Small Ensemble Concert in March (optional)*

Spring Concert in May*

Attendance at all concerts is required. If other concerts or after-school rehearsals are

scheduled, parents and students will be notified in advance.

***Due to the rigorous instruction, 6th grade report card grades will be reviewed prior to enrolling students in this high school credit course***

Discovering Computer Science Part I (high school credit course) 7

Discovering Computer Science students will discover introductory computer science topics with an emphasis on computational thinking and problem solving. Students will be empowered to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun. Students will create their own websites, apps, and games. What will I learn? Learn how to make your own website, design an app, program a game, and even create physical devices that interact with the outside world. You’ll learn the computer science underlying the technology you use every day and then get the skills to bring your own version to life.No matter what you’re passionate about, a background in computer science will give you the tools you need! Upon successful completion of this course, students will earn .5 high school credit. This will fulfill part of the computer science credit needed for graduation. Students will be enrolled in DSC Part II during 8th grade to receive the full 1.0 credit.