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Absence due to Covid-19 Procedure

Below is CEWN's Learner Continuity Plan. In the event of a student quarantine,  the team's quarantine lead will communicate the specifics and what they need from you. 

What happens with instruction if my child needs to be quarantined?


  1. Upon notice that a student has to be quarantined, the parent will receive information from his/her child’s team  sharing the process to support  with instruction, connections and assessments for continued learning.
  2. The designated quarantine teacher lead from your child’s team will provide specific details about how your child will continue to participate in learning.
  3. This  teacher will be available after school  during  tutoring/office hours to connect with students to:
  • Clarify assignments
  • Share information from teachers
  • Address technical issues
  • Serve as the team liaison while the student is learning from home.