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2019-2020 Teacher of the Year, Ms. Dominque Bennett

Mrs. Bennett, Edith L. Voted

Edith L. Frierson's 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year

     Congratulations are in order to our phenomenal lower elementary teacher, Mrs. Dominque Bennett, who was voted Edith L. Frierson Elementary's 2019-2020 teacher of the year. Mrs. Bennett has been with Frierson for two and a half years. She began her journey with Frierson as a third-grade teacher and transitioned to Montessori last year.

     Mrs. Bennett considers it her life's work to "teach the whole child," a mission she accomplishes daily by attending to her students, social, emotional, and academic needs.

     In Mrs. Bennett's classroom, "activities are structured to promote learning and growth for all students." By providing choice, opportunities to collaborate, and differentiated tasks tailored to students' readiness levels, Mrs. Bennett sets the stage for highly relevant and individualized instruction, helping each of her learners grow to their full potential.

     Edith L. Frierson's teachers, administration, students, parents, and staff are grateful to have Mrs. Bennett as our school's lower elementary teacher and thank her for her willingness to serve as our district teacher of the year representative.