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Edith L. Frierson Celebrates Community Grand Opening of Library

Dr. Davis-Cummings & Claudia Boyce

On January 22, 2020 Edith L. Frierson's principal, Dr. Davis-Cummings and Frierson's faculty, students, and staff invited Frierson's and Wadmalaw's friends, parents, district-level officials, and community members to the official grand opening of our newly renovated library! The incomparable Mrs. Eulonda McCanick and Mrs. Viola Mitchell cooked and served a breakfast of shrimp and grits, eggs, and bacon. Following breakfast and the morning news show, Dr. Davis-Cummings celebrated the many individuals who played a part in rennovating this beautiful space.

Thank You Mrs. Barden


Edith L. Frierson administration, faculty, and staff especially wish to thank our benefactors, Mrs. Barden and Mrs. Howard of Kiawah Cares, artist, Claudia Boyce, whose incredible mural of Wadmalaw Island graces the new library, Reverend Dr. Mack for his support of Edith L. Frierson, members of School Improvement Committee and the Parent Teacher Association, and Mrs. Christine James, Library and Media Services Specialist and Textbook Coordinator, whose tireless advocacy for Charleston County Schools' libraries resulted in new library furnishings.

Grand Opening Audience


Charleston County School District's committment to creating a Montessori program for the families of D9 is very evident in the revitalized Edith L. Frierson Elementary and Montessori School.

Mural New Library

The components of the Montessori program are grounded in choice, concentration, independence, and order. This instructional method is characterized by providing a prepared environment: tidy, please in appearance, simply and real, where each element exists for a reason in order to help in the development of the child. The revitalized library environment meets the needs of all children and has furniture of varying sizes where children can work independently or in small groups in a truly beautiful setting.

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