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Food truck frenzy

Returning students to Early College may be wondering what happened to the Spot Cafe and why food trucks have been on campus for several weeks. However, Trident Tech (TTC) Dean Ms. Amy Hudock has promised that there is a plan in place for more food options.

“The Spot Café will be undergoing some changes,” Dean Hudock said. “We are thinking in Spring term that it will become a market where you can pick up fresh sandwiches, salads and other foods, but we won’t have hot food there anymore.”

Although not all Early College students were known to purchase from the Spot Cafe last year, the current junior class appreciated having another option besides school lunch. 

“When I was in the Spot Cafe, I didn’t order so much food from there,” junior James Carter said. “However, I miss the diversity of everyone coming, you know, chilling and having a good time together.”

In order to accommodate the impending changes with the cafe, TTC has invited food trucks to the campus everyday since school has been in session. 

“We plan to continue the food trucks even once that market gets underway so that we have hot food options on campus,” Dean Hudock said.

The food trucks have been a welcomed change for those seeking more variety in their lunch menu. 

“I like the food trucks. They’re better than school food anyway,” sophomore Dravian Blake said, “although I wish different ones would come, like a taco truck or one with burgers and fries. I just want different options.”