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District Expands Services for Students

The CCSD Board of Trustees voted Friday in a special-called meeting to expand services to students for both online and in-person learning starting September 21.

The motion deals with two extremes that are facing CCSD when school starts on September 8. One, a large number of students are taking online virtual remote classes in schools with high rates of poverty and students who are at-risk academically. The other extreme is around 30 schools where the number of students wanting in-person has created a nearly 5,000 student waiting list.

The Board’s vote will allow the following:

  • For schools where a majority of students are learning online, engage CCSD personnel to work with non-profit organizations, faith-based groups community volunteers and families to arrange instructional support groups (also called learning pods) located in communities where families live to provide tutoring and academic supports to students;

  • For in-person requests, admit for in-person instruction five days per week all students with August 28 confirmed seating preferences. This will allow placement of the 4,703 students who wanted in-person but were put on waiting lists due to a lack of capacity with schools reopen Tuesday, September 8, 2020. The vote means wait-listed students in grades K-8 will be able to attend in-person starting Sept. 21. High school students will return as soon as possible, but by at least the first week in October.  If there are remaining students on the waitlist, they will be worked in as quickly as safe seating is available.