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Update on In-Person Instruction

If the steady reduction of COVID-19 incidence rates in Charleston County continues, the CCSD Board of Trustees hopes to approve in-person instruction for all students and families who desire that option by the end of September. In the meantime, due to the current conditions, it is necessary to begin the school year with fewer in-person students.  

We do want to explain the criteria our schools are using to determine who will be able to receive in-person instruction on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. There are some criteria unique to schools and programs that we can confirm, for example, seniors in a specific focus, major, or program, or primary grade students where in-person instruction is vital to their educational development.

There are also some students who must receive services in-person as well. By specifically explaining those services publicly, we would be violating FERPA (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and the trust of the families involved.  

It is our intent for there to be a balance (roughly half) between the available seats at each school that are assigned via a randomized process and those seats that are assigned based on criteria for families who have applied for the in-person instruction option.  

For the schools where a random process is needed to determine which students return for in-person instruction, CCSD is using a computer-generated randomized selection of interested families. For more specific information, parents should contact individual schools.

Again, based on survey information that approximately half the district’s students want in-person instruction, the CCSD Board voted to offer that option to families who want it before the end of September IF the COVID-19 rates continue to decrease.


Thank you for your understanding on this matter.