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Dear CCSD Families, 

The CCSD Nutrition Services Department is launching a new program for families in our rural schools to receive free meals delivered at home. This program is called Meals-to-You, which is a partnership between CCSD, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Baylor University. 

When you sign up for Meals-to-You, a Meals-to-You box will be delivered to your home every other week for each child in your household from ages 1 to 18. Each box will include 10 kid-friendly breakfasts and 10 kid-friendly lunches which is equivalent to two weeks of school meals!

The enrollment period starts today Monday, May 4 and goes through Sunday, May 10. To receive these meals, enrollment is required before the May 10 deadline. To sign up, go to and select the Meals-to-You icon. For enrollment assistance, call (843) 566-7266 Monday through Friday from 9am until 12pm during the enrollment period. Again, that number is 843-566-7266.