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Please Come Pick Up Student Work and Devices for School Closure

Packets and student devices may be picked up from E.B. Ellington between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm on Tuesday, March 17.  Staff will distribute instructional materials in the bus and car loop at the rear of the building.  Parents of students in Head Start through Grade 2 should drive up to the car rider loop to receive instructional materials.  Please look for signs indicating where you should go.  If you have multiple children at Ellington, please go to the Grades 3-5 loop.  Teachers will share instructions on how to communicate with them via Dojo or a personal phone call.

The school will communicate with families 1-2 times weekly during our time out of school through emails, and/or phone calls.  If you have questions about student work, you can communicate with your child's teacher through daily office hours.  Teachers will share their daily office hours with you.