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SC Ready Testing

2. Electronic devices are not allowed during testing. Students will be required to power off all electronic devices and allow their teacher to hold them while testing is being conducted. This includes smart watches, cell phones, calculators, iPads, air pods, etc. 
3. All students in grades 3-5 must participate in SC Ready. It is important that students are present and on time each day so that the class can begin testing on time. Please help us provide the best testing environment for your student by ensuring they are present and well rested each testing day. Scheduling appointments and vacations during SC Ready testing should be avoided. Once a student has begun testing we are unable to know how long it will take them to complete the test and we are unable to stop the test. Staff members are unable to call into the classroom or enter the classroom while testing is in session. 
Testing Dates:
May 1, 2024 ELA Field Test- 9:00am
May 14, 2024 ELA Writing- 9:00am
May 15, 2024 ELA Reading- 9:00am
May 21, 2024 MATH- 9:00am
May 23, 2024 SCIENCE- 9:00am