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Dismissal Procedures

Drayton Hall Elementary Dismissal Plan:


Surveys have indicated that nearly ⅔ of our students will be arriving/dismissing via car. Our campus is not equipped to accommodate that many cars at dismissal without blocking Highway

  1. Local law enforcement has told us we need to keep Highway 61 open for emergency vehicles. In order to keep the road open to emergency vehicles and make car riders go as smoothly and safely as possible, we are instituting a staggered dismissal process until we have a better understanding of how many cars will be picking up students. Times may change as parents become more accustomed to the new process. THERE WILL BE NO PARENT PICK UP FROM THE MUSIC ROOM UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

 Dismissal Times:

CD/K - 3:25 pm (any older siblings of CD or K students will be dismissed at this time)

1st/2nd grades - 3:30 pm (any older siblings of 1st/2nd grade students will be dismissed at this time)

3rd, 4th, 5th grades - 3:35 pm Walkers will dismiss at 3:30 pm Buses will dismiss at 3:40 pm


The Process:

Parents of CD and kindergarten students (and siblings) can begin lining up in the car rider line along the sidewalk by the music room and gym at any time. Parents of older students will park/stage in the parking lot with the slanted parking spaces in the front of the school until a staff member indicates that it is time for the next group of parents to advance to the car rider line.  At that time that group will be moved to the car rider line. There is no reason to get in an earlier group of cars because the students are being staggered into the gym. Your 5th grader will not be in the gym until 3:35 (unless he has a sibling in CD, K, 1st, or 2nd). If you do get in the line by accident (no harm/no foul) staff members will ask you to continue moving and enter the parking lot/staging area until the appropriate time to get into the car rider line.