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6th Graders attend Virtual Maritime Career Chat

The virtual maritime career chat in Ms. Neal's 6th-grade classroom was sponsored through the Maritime Association of South Carolina.

The session, presented by Patricia Ferguson (South Carolina Department of Commerce) and Thomas Hodgson (Retired Naval Officer) discussed with the class:

*An introduction to the maritime industry 

*A maritime career journey shared by Mr. Hodgson

*A review of skill needs, salary requirements, and available careers

* Potential pathways to employment

* Required education and training for maritime careers

* What are the companies looking for/What’s in demand for the following?

         **Open positions

         **Successful candidates (What does one look like?)

         **Soft skills

         **Education, training, and skills

In addition to this, students were able to ask specific questions about maritime shipping and about Mr. Hodgson's time spent on submarines.

Virtual speaker  virtual speaker  2 students looking at screen