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The Cecelia Rogers Winter Reading Challenge

We are doing the unexpected here at the Main Campus (Elementary) of Charleston
Development Academy Public Charter School. We are trying to remove every barrier that
prohibits our children from reading and building their comprehension and vocabulary
skills during these few weeks of school.
The challenge was named after one of our founding principals, Mrs. Cecelia Rogers
and the love that she has for reading. The students are required to read several books
starting on December 3 rd and the challenge will end on December 17 th . The students will
have to do more than just read the stories, they are given literacy questions that they must
answer about the book they have read. We even have our Pre-K and Kindergartners
participating because we know that it will increase parental involvement with our students.
Every student who completes his/her five books during this time will receive a
certificate and recognition from the administration of Charleston Development Academy
Public School. They are excited and competitive. The winning treat for the class that goes
beyond 100% of completing this task, will be given a FREE Limousine Party Ride to the
Ice Cream Shop, get some ice cream, take a quick trip around Charleston, SC, and return
to school on December 19, 2019.
We are excited and I know that our students will work hard for the goals that we
have set for them. Please encourage your child(ren) to complete this task and this will be
assisting them to reach their goal and increase vocabulary and comprehension.