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SOA Creative Writers Win 173 Regional Scholastic Writing Awards

SOA CREATIVE WRITING STUDENTS (in grades 7 - 12) are the proud recipients of 173 Regional Scholastic Writing Awards this year, the most of any school in our region! Of these 173 awards, 45 received gold keys, and these gold key winners will go on to compete in the national competition.  National winners will be announced by March 23 and will (hopefully) be honored in New York in June.

Here is the official breakdown, and be sure to click here to see the complete list of recipients:

- 45 Gold Keys (including one gold senior portfolio garnered by Kiran Narula as well as three nominations for the American Voices award garnered by 7th grader, Allison Fletcher, 10th grader, Ella Fritz, and 9th grader, Lily Jensen.)

- 49 Silver Keys
(including two silver senior portfolios garnered by Sophia Cosentino and Kiran Narula.)

- 79 Honorable Mentions
(including two honorable mention senior portfolios garnered
 by Lauren Center and Simon Hamrick.)