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West Ashley High’s School Counselors Honored by ASCA

Charleston, SC – West Ashley High School is proud to announce the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) named the School Counseling Department a Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) this week. The distinction exemplifies the commitment of West Ashley High’s school counselors to their students as well as the school counseling profession.

The national RAMP designation recognizes schools that are committed to delivering an exemplary school counseling program. RAMP school counseling programs are assessed in 12 different areas of program expertise. Honorees are awarded for aligning their program with the criteria in the ASCA National Model, a framework for a data informed school counseling program.

Since the program’s inception, more than 900 schools have earned the RAMP designation. According to the ASCA, West Ashley High is one of 19 schools to receive this honor this year.

Research findings indicate fully implemented comprehensive school counseling programs are associated with a range of positive student educational and behavioral outcomes.

The school counseling team at West Ashley High set the following four goals for the previous school year that helped lead to their department earning the RAMP designation:

  • Increase the graduation rate
  • Increase the number students receiving Career and Technology Education completers
  • Increase student enrollment in dual credit/enrollment course work
  • Decrease student referrals for students related to missing class

“Our school counseling department works tirelessly on behalf of all our students,” added Principal Ryan Cumback. “They set lofty yet attainable goals that help our school continue in the right direction. They are an amazing team, and I am honored to work alongside of them."

Eyamba Williams (the school’s Director of School Counseling Services), Winifred Caetta, Melissa Estes, Nicole Johnson, Lindsay Hansen, Rebecca Kyzer, Perry Metz, and Mary West serve on the school counseling team at WAHS.

“The Department of School Counseling Services and I are proud of the tremendous commitment Ms. Williams and her school counseling team has made to ensure their school counseling program has a positive impact on student achievement and outcomes,” said CCSD’s Director of School Counseling Services Fronde Stille.

For more information, please contact WAHS Public Relations Coordinator Donnie Newton at (843) 852-2516.