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Student Passwords Reset

In preparation for the opening of schools, all student passwords were reset on Sunday, August 23rd based on the following parameters:
  • 5th - 12th grade - Passwords will be reset to match their username and will be all lower-case letters.
  • Once students access MyPortal, Clever, Email etc., they will be prompted to change their password.
  • When prompted for the "Old" password on the portal reset screen be sure to enter your username.
    • New passwords must be 8 characters long

Student usernames should be provided by the respective teachers. The pattern is first 3 letters of last name, followed by first 3 letters of first name, followed by last 4 digits of student PowerSchool number.

Example: Michael Smith PowerSchool number 8675309 would be: smimic5309

To find out more information about updating your password or logging into Canvas or Clever, click HERE.