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Pinckney Students Raise Money for MUSC

Charles Pinckney Elementary School students had a friendly, week-long competition raising money for the MUSC Children's Hospital. Between the school's houses of Isibindi, Altruismo, Amistad, and  Rêveur, all students raised a total of $1,029.53.
Pinckney Elementary adopted the house system from the Ron Clark Academy in January 2020. The house system consists of four houses (Rêveur, Amistad, Isibindi, and Altruismo). The house system is a way to build community within the school. Faculty and staff all choose a house to be a part of and students are divided into houses by spinning a wheel. School leaders believe "the house chooses them." Each house has its own meanings and traditions. Rêveur is the House of Dreamers, Amistad is the House of Friendship, Isibindi is the House of Courage, and Altruismo is the House of Givers. We are four houses at Pinckney, but one Pirate family.