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Dave Bonezzi-CPE Teacher of the Year 2023-2024

Congratulations to Mr. Dave Bonezzi! He has been chosen by his co-workers as CPE's teacher of the year for 2023-2024. Read on for a note from Mr. Bonezzi about his teaching philosophy:

As a kid, I never saw myself as a learner. In high school I never even thought about going to college. I went. Dropped out after two years. Then, I fell in love with the guitar. I taught myself to play. Something clicked. For the first time ever, I saw myself capable of learning anything. I was 22. 

The purpose of my teaching practice is to give children the key to unlock the belief that they are capable of learning anything. We begin the year singing songs and connecting with each other through music. As our sense of community grows, we learn how to think and talk together- to honor all voices, to really listen, to respond to others' thinking, to have meaningful conversations, and build bigger ideas. Next, we learn the tools of inquiry - how to ask questions, read to find answers, determine important information, take two-column notes, create infographics, posters, and brochures, how to present our findings, and give each other feedback. For me, improving student achievement is all about teaching children how to learn, and creating an environment that fosters the belief that they are the reason learning happens. Not me. “Take the keys, I believe in you.”