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4 houses, 1 pack

The wheel chooses you! On January 19, students and staff were sorted into their new houses - Altruismo (black-House of Givers), Isibindi (green-House of Courage), Reveur (blue-House of Dreamers) and Amistad (red-House of Friendship). The house system is a community building system being implemented in schools across the country. Within the school, students belong to one of the four houses and have opportunities to earn points for their houses by exhibiting positive behaviors such as demonstrating leadership skills, going above and beyond PACK expectations, and overall outstanding school citizenship. Within their houses, students will take part in school-wide initiatives that engage students and allow them to take ownership of projects that benefit the school. The goal of the house system is to create a culture of belonging, boost school-wide community and build character by adding an element of healthy competition to our already established and strong school environment.