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COVID Testing for CCSD Staff and Students

More testing is up and running now! We have a third-party vendor (RRT) that has set up pod units (mobile storage containers) outside at each site. You can send students or staff to:
  1. Stall HS from 8am- 4pm
  2. WA CAS from 8:30am- 2pm
  3. East Cooper CAS 7:30am-3pm
Parents should complete the QR code (see attached flyer) prior to arriving at the testing site. If a student is tested without a parent, the parent will need to give verbal consent via phone at the testing site.
BiNax Now rapid antigen test results are available in 15 min. Individuals will be sent test results via text in 3-4 hours. A PCR test will be available if someone is symptomatic and their rapid is negative.