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Congratulations to Ms. Yarborough!

Camp Road teacher recognized for her work educating students about WWII

Melissa Yarbough Melissa Yarborough, a seventh-grade Social Studies teacher at Camp Road Middle School, was highlighted by Centropa in a monthly newsletter for her work to educate her students about what life was like for Jewish civilians in Europe before and during World War II. Centropa is an organization committed to preserving Jewish heritage and helping others learn about their history.
Yarborough attended Centropa's summer academy in Germany in 2019. Following that experience, she developed two projects for her students: 1) a Centropa Biography Films and Stolpersteine project (incorporating 40 biographies) and 2) a study of the restrictive laws on Jewish life in Nazi Germany (Yarborough created a virtual walking tour through Google Earth to assist on this assignment). In each project, students learned about pre-war Jewish life, the Holocaust, and how contemporary Germany has dealt with its difficult past through public commemorations. 
"Through both of these projects, my students discovered the harsh treatment endured by the Jewish population in Europe leading up to and during the Holocaust," said Yarborough. "Many had heard about the Holocaust before but had no idea how restrictive life was if you were Jewish. They enjoyed reading and discovering 'unknown stories' about what really happened."
Centropa works with and provides resources for educators throughout the world (five continents).