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Updates from Principal Parler, March 23, 2020

  1. Our teacher-librarian, Mrs. Bouton, is one of the many CCSD librarians who are holding daily read-alouds for all grade levels (access full schedule here). She will read Some Kind of Courage Tuesday, March 24, 2:00 PM. Access here.
  2. I put 10 more 8th grade math packets on the front porch on Saturday. While hard copies of these packets are not required (Google Classroom says to do all your work on notebook paper), I can understand that many 8th graders like to see the problems on paper rather than on screen. I'll keep checking the supply throughout the week but would appreciate it if an 8th grader would email me when the supply runs out.
  3. All of our middle school sports seasons ended abruptly without the proper recognition for our staff and parents who served as coaches. I am grateful to the following for volunteering their time to give our students the opportunity to play: Mr. Thomas Duffy, rugby; Jenni Tuohy, Chris Cushman, and Kimberly Faust, tennis; Mr. David Stanford, Sara McDonnell, and Tyler Yoon, soccer; JJ Beasley and Jay Hefferman, baseball; and David Noonan, softball.
  4. The following are items from my Friday's principals' packet that may be of interest to parents:
We received these tips from medical professionals and are passing them along to you:
     Please remind your family and staff to avoid shaking hands, use your knuckle to touch light switches and elevator buttons. 
     Lift gasoline dispensers with a paper towel or use a disposable glove-open doors with your closed fist or hip. 
     Keep hand sanitizer available at each of the entrances to your home and in your car. 
     Cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and immediately discard - use your elbow ONLY if there is no other option.
Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Clinic is still open and providing services to patients in their clinics, in homes/community and by phone.  They are calling all patients to check on them and working to refill prescriptions without appointments, if possible. If you have any urgent mental health needs, please call their Assessment/Mobile Crisis team 24/7/365 at 843-414-2350.
The CCSD School Libraries Learning at Home website contains information for daily read alouds (Elementary and Middle/High), ebook access, digital resources and virtual field trips, reading challenges, book reviews, teacher resources, and more.
The Charleston County Public Library has begun issuing temporary eCards for community members who don't currently have a library card. This eCard allows users access to all digital collections and databases. Details and application can be found here.
Stay healthy and follow all the precautionary measures our state and local leaders are requiring of us.