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Homecoming Parade

Homecoming Parade

The parade will begin at 4:00 pm on Friday, October 14, 2022.  Parade participants will begin the line-up at 3:30 pm along Sumter Street. 

Parade Route:  The parade will begin at Sumter/President St. Burke High School entrance gates and travel to President St., Moultrie St., Rutledge Ave., and return to the Sumter/President St. gates. 

Parade Rules:  Per the Charleston Police Department, participants must adhere to the following parade rules:

  • Participants may not ride on the hoods of cars.  They must be inside of the vehicle or in a convertible.
  • 4 Wheeler's or Off Road Vehicles are discouraged  
  • Participants' vehicles may not play loud music. 
  • Participants must be dressed appropriately.  
  • Participants may not throw candy or objects from their vehicles but can pass them out. 

Please complete this form if you desire to participate in the parade, no later than Friday, October 7, 2022.  Submission of this form indicates that you have read the parade rules and agree to adhere to them.  

The entry fee for the parade is $25.00, which can be paid in cash, check, or online at the following address: Click on Shop at the top of the page and then select donations. For Contribution type, please select Other/General and type Homecoming Parade Entry Fee in the message section.
For more information, please contact Mr. Brown, Activities Director at 843-579-4815 or