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TMD Class Spotlight 1st Semester Review

  1. School faculty and staff members collaborated with the TMD class to make glitter slime for a holiday, sensory activity.
  2. At least once a month the class travels to the Charleston County Public Library on Calhoun Street to practice skills such as returning and checking out books, selecting books of interest on our reading levels, and using a library card.  
  3. In class students made invitations with details about the school's upcoming debut in the "Little Red Hen" play.  Students took a trip to the post office and mailed the invitations.  
  4. In prepartion for the "Special Olympics Bowling Tournament" which will take place this spring, students go to Ashley Lanes Bowling Alley to practice their bowling motor skills.  
  5. Students visited the Fire Museum in North Charleston as culminating activity for "Fire Preventiuon Week" to learn more about fire prevention and safety.  
  6. The TMD class partnered with faculty and staff members to play BINFO, an enjoyable recreation/leisure activity.  

TMD Class Spotlight  TMD Class Spotlight