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Burke Senior receives the Richard W. Riley Award

Charleston, SC –

A Burke High School student was recognized for his community service.

Anthony Brown, a senior at Burke High School, won the Richard W. Riley Award at the South Carolina Education Association’s 2020 Human and Civil Rights Luncheon.

The Richard W. Riley Award is given to a K-12 student whose achievements in the school and/or community has helped enhance the sense of worth and dignity of others. 

Brown was the youngest award recipient at the annual awards event and the only student in the state to receive the award.

According to Burke High School, he met both sets of criteria for the award by “promoting leadership in specific activities and actions; showing appreciation for diversity and the elimination of bigotry and prejudice, and by demonstrating leadership in improving the conditions and self-esteem of minorities or the disadvantaged.”

“Thank you to my jungle and my village…it takes the village to raise the child, but it takes the village and the jungle to raise a king.”


Brown participates in the marching band, the school step team, and soccer team at Burke High School.

He plans to major in business and has already received numerous acceptance letters and scholarship opportunities.